We at Chronim Delivery and Logistics are dedicated to your health and safety!

At Chronim Delivery and Logistics, our team is actively working closely with partners and professionals in a variety of medical fields, and alongside The Centers of Disease Control, to maintain a strict set of standards when distributing your materials. With the mandated, temperature-sensitive nature of our deliveries, we understand the importance of integrity when handling said packages; and the need for extra precautions when outbreaks, such as Corona Virus-COVID19 occur. As such, Chronim drivers and staff have been educated about viral outbreaks and proper containment procedures; and have been dispatched accordingly with extra hand sanitizer, face masks, and other hygienic solutions to maintain the cleanest, safest delivery possible. Furthermore, should these conditions arise, employees have been trained to report any such symptoms associated with COVID19 or Corona immediately to a supervisor.  As always, we appreciate your time and consideration regarding this very important matter.

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